Looking for someone to share the story of their testimony at a Little Yes (investigation) event? Here is a selection of testimony speakers that we recommend.


Trudy Makepeace

A former addict of 17 years, Trudy Makepeace was caught up in a life of crime and prostitution. In 2006 she entered into a Christian rehab where she met with Jesus, who radically transformed her life. She now has a passion to see people encounter God for themselves.

Trudy has spoken in prisons, churches and conferences sharing her story and seeing many come to faith. She believes an encounter with God not only sets people free but gives hope, peace and purpose to their lives.

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Adelle Howells

Adelle is from Manchester and as she was growing up she was surrounded by drugs. As well as taking drugs herself, both her mum and dad were heroin addicts. Her dad died when she was 19 through a drug's overdose.

Adelle became a Christian in 2013 and worked for Evangelist Barry Woodward at Proclaim Trust for 4 years until recently becoming an Adult support worker for another charity. Adelle has a passion for women’s ministry, is an emerging speaker and has a fantastic story to tell.

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Ashley Nixon

Ashley grew up in a fatherless home in Coventry. His mum got married and moved to another part of the country but Ashley quickly rebelled against his new family. He sought to find acceptance which led him to drugs, violence, gangs and parties. Ashley’s life was set on destruction until finally meeting God in prison.

Ashley is passionate about introducing others to the love and acceptance that is found in Jesus and is currently pursuing his training to become an ordained minister.

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Hani Shadad

Hani Shadad was born in Sudan into a strong Muslim family and was happy living as a Muslim. His grandfather built his own mosque and was the Imam (religious leader). Hani left Sudan as a refugee in his late teens. He then married a non-Muslim and they had 3 children together.

Hani had a powerful experience of Jesus and became a Christian believer giving up his Muslim faith. He now travels with Elim International Missions telling others his story.

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Pete Verry

From a young age, Pete Verry studied science, reading books on evolution, genetics, medical science and then physics. He thought he had the answers to life and was sure that his opinion was obviously correct.

All this changed when he met a Christian who challenged his thought processes. Pete began to look a little bit closer at the Christian faith and as a result, he is now a Christian. He wants to help others to realise that Christianity makes sense and is an evidence-based faith.

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