Shaping up to pioneer new youth ministries

With a vision to see new youth ministries established in Elim churches that have no youth ministry, Limitless, Elim’s national youth ministry, is expanding its team.

Limitless, Elim’s national youth ministry, has a vision to pioneer 100 new youth ministries through churches with no youth groups, whilst remaining resolutely committed to their mission to reach young people, equip youth leaders and inspire dynamic youth ministry through the local church.

Key to the fulfilment of this vision and mission are the Limitless Leadership Team, which has recently added two new appointments.

“One of the greatest joys I have in my role as National Director of Limitless,” says Tim Alford, “is to work alongside some of the best leaders, and best people, I know. The latest appointments to our team are certainly no exception.”

Craig Brotherston - Pioneer Youth Ministry Church Consultant


Craig Brotherston, an Elim Minister currently church planting in one of the hardest to reach areas in Ireland, has been appointed as Pioneer Youth Ministry Church Consultant. He will join the Limitless Leadership Team to help churches who are not currently reaching young people and assist them in starting new youth ministries.

With a wealth of youth ministry experience, Craig will specifically be working with churches who have not received a team on the Limitless Pioneers programme.

“At Limitless, we are totally committed to helping Elim churches who don’t have any young people and are desperate to do something about it. Craig is, without exaggeration, one of the most inspiring leaders I’ve ever met. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better person to join our team to help take this vision forward.” says Tim Alford.

Craig himself is equally enthused.

“I am so excited about the Limitless Pioneers vision because of the life that will come to local churches when they put time, energy and passion into reaching the youth of nation. The healthy picture of every generation moving forward together for the sake of the gospel in every town or city is such an exciting goal to reach for.”

“On top of that, it is also exciting because of what this could mean for the future as local churches embrace a critical generation for today - as well as the years to come. My prayer is that God will help us all see the need, the urgency and the potential of reaching a generation of young people for His Glory.”

Andy Hancock - Limitless National Team

AndyHancocksqs Andy Hancock is the Youth Pastor at Life Central Church, a thriving Elim church in Halesowen. Andy will be joining the Limitless Leadership Team to help give vision and strategic oversight to our national youth ministries. Tim says, “I have said many times that Andy is a great example to our youth leaders all over the movement. The experience he has gathered from leading a growing youth ministry, as well as investing in and releasing many young leaders, will be an invaluable addition to a fantastic team!”

Andy adds, “I’m so delighted to be joining the Limitless team. I really believe God is stirring something new in this Limitless generation. I'm looking forward to working with an amazing group of leaders and youth pastors to see young people live out the purpose that God has placed inside of them. I'm humbled to be part of what could be a huge move of God in the life of teenagers in our nation.”

Sarah Whittleston

Sarah Moving on from the Limitless Leadership Team to focus on other aspects of ministry is Sarah Whittleston. Sarah has served on the team with passion and excellence for seven years.

“I would like to express my most heartfelt thanks to Sarah for everything she has brought to the team,” says Tim. “I am so grateful for all of her wisdom, energy and hard work. She has made an incredible contribution and will be impossible to replace. But more than any of that, Sarah has become a really good friend. Thank you Sarah!”

Whilst Sarah will be moving on from the Limitless Leadership Team, she will continue to oversee the prayer ministry programme at our national youth event, The Gathering.

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