Getting to know Maria Gilpin

Maria, who is based in Elim's Portadown church in Northern Ireland, has a powerful voice and released an EP in 2016. Following on from our previous interview with Maria, we thought we would get to know her a little more.

What music has inspired you?

I have always had Irish traditional music playing about our home growing up. There was also rock ’n’ roll, Motown, jazz and blues. So I have been inspired by all types of music. There was never any hymns playing in my home growing up but I am so in love with old hymns, they are so inspiring and tell beautiful stories about Jesus. Priceless!

Favourite film ever?

Hands down, ‘The Money Pit’. So so funny

What's your favourite food?

Fillet steak, medium rare please.

Favourite drink?

Pepsi Max, loads of ice

If you could work with any songwriter or artist who would it be?

Phil Wickham. Incredible songwriter.

Favourite Bible passage?

Psalm 139

The most inspiring book you have ever read?

I'm not the best reader at all but the best book I have read has to be Bob Goff ‘Love does’

Favourite album of all time?

WOW worship (yellow) 2003 the first worship album I ever listened to.

What would a perfect day look like to you

Firelight, snuggled on the couch with the duvet and my 3 boys by my side watching a movie..... Who am I kidding?! Me on my own snuggled up on the couch and Mark away outside with my two wonderful children. BLISS!

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