News from Zimbabwe - April 2017

This article was written by Geoff and Erica Saunders, Elim missionaries in Zimbabwe.


Saunders - baptismEaster was a busy and blessed time in our churches. In Harare District we had conventions in Harare, Mutoko and Hwedza. We had programmes of services and seminars from Friday evening to Sunday morning at Prospect in Harare attended by approximately 200 people.

We were delighted to baptise 29 believers on Saturday afternoon.

 In Mutoko over 150 attended the services and there were fifteen candidates for baptism. In Hwedza the programme included open air evangelism on Good Friday resulting in six joining the church for the first time on Sunday. We give thanks for all that God did during the Easter weekend. 


Joseph completed a successful ten week attachment at the Anglo-American School in Moscow just before Easter and is now back in Amsterdam. Elizabeth has been working very hard to complete her A level Art and prepare for Physics exams.

Harara District

Saunders pastors meetingAs newly appointed District Chairman, Geoff has been visiting churches in the District. So far he has managed to share his vision for the church in Marondera, Chegutu, Eastview, Prospect and Rehoboth (Mbare). It has been good to be able to encourage the members, leaders and pastors in these churches, several of which have only recently been launched and are quite small. Erica has joined him whenever the Emerald Hill Church has been able to release her.

We have 12 pastors in Harare District. Geoff has been sharing with them his vision for the work and ministry. Believing we are going to be more organized and united in 2017. As Pastors we agreed to meet together regularly for fellowship and mutual encouragement.

Elim Women's Activities

Saunders - womenErica travelled with a few other women from Harare to lead women’s all night prayer services in Mutare in January, Harare in February and Nyanga in March. Erica was the Guest Speaker at the Elim Women’s Annual Conference where she preached two evenings and held two seminars in the mornings. About 192 women came to the conference from the 4 districts. At every all night meeting we have enough time to pray and minister to women for healing and deliverance. We are grateful to God Almighty for touching and changing many lives.

The conference was preceded by a crusade, a combined effort between the women and the Rusape Church with support from Mutare District and Pastor A Mautsa our Evangelist. The Crusade was very fruitful with over 120 souls coming to Jesus in four days. The team preached at the vegetable markets; in flea markets, outside bars, in front of shops and close to bus terminuses.

Saunders-May-ThumbThe picture shows the first open air. Erica preached and as you can see more than 50 people responded with hands in the air to pray a salvation prayer. Erica asked the man kneeling in red shirt to pour his wine away in order to pray and he did. That day the evangelism campaign went into the night in 3 different places Erica preaching and praying for the sick. She came home with a hoarse voice.

Busy Fingers

Saunders women 2Erica has been promoting Farming and Gardening God’s Way through the Busy Fingers ministry to widows and single mothers both in towns and rural areas. A wonderful workshop was held in January, with 34 Agritex Officers from 54 wards in Nyanga North, with the help of the MP and Supervising Counselor in Katerere area. On the 19th May we will be returning there for an all night prayer service followed on Saturday morning with workshops training the women to adopt the Farming God’s Way approach.

An office for the Ministry was opened in Harare, where counselling and training women with skills is  held and income generating projects based on the 2 Kings 4v1-7 which is the theme verse. We believe the widow and her two sons were safe in the hands of the Lord God Almighty. Any woman is safe in the hands of Jesus Christ by faith. We have about 400 women in the ministry and over 200 orphans in poverty who need basic food to eat. “The desire of my heart is to raise the mother to take her responsibility, work with her hands and look after her own children!”  Says Erica.

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