Welcome to the annual review of the Elim Pentecostal Church, a movement of Pentecostal churches and ministries in the UK and across the world with a shared goal of bringing the love and hope of Jesus Christ to every person and every community.


The Elim movement represents a global network of 647 churches in the UK and Ireland, and 4,143 Elim or Elim affiliated churches overseas.

We have one shared global vision to plant the transformational gospel of Jesus Christ in every generation, race, gender, nation and community throughout the world. We are on an accelerated journey of discovering the breadth of Elim’s international influence, with many of our churches serving multi-cultural congregations in their local communities.

We are searching for a new generation of leaders who have the maturity and marketplace skillset to develop and disciple others in a shifting cultural landscape. We are seeking to discern how we can make radical, outward looking followers of Jesus Christ who are mature and resilient in their faith, and tough enough to stand for the gospel where they are called to serve.

There is a power in working together and leveraging our sense of family and shared story. God specialises in using the stories of real people encountering God in real places in business, community, politics and in whatever sphere of influence they find themselves.

We are challenged by an urge to advance God’s Kingdom, and we share a passion to make a difference. We want to nurture leaders and volunteers who are harvest visionaries, soaked in expectancy for those God is pursuing in our communities and our world. We can only do this if we continue in personal encounters with the Holy Spirit which are truly transformational.

Elim people are scattered in every sphere and strata of wider society. Together, they form a movement of Christ-centred, creative and compassionate churches, and passionate and dedicated people whose personal faith has become the catalyst for reaching out to others. Jesus Christ is good news. We want His Church to be good news too.

We believe that there are no cultural, racial, or gender barriers to the gospel; we are defined by the wholeness of what God enables us to be. Jesus calls us into new territory, empowered by His Holy Spirit, sharing our lives and resources, and putting ourselves out for others to see our communities and nation transformed.



Chris Cartwright
General Superintendent


These are Elim's four strategic priorities that form the core DNA of our movement.


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