The Elim Pentecostal Church is a movement of churches and ministries in the UK and Ireland with a shared goal of bringing the love and hope of Jesus Christ to people and communities.

Elim is a dynamic network of hundreds of local churches made up of real people in real communities throughout the UK and Ireland.

While this Annual Review highlights our mission and purpose during 2018/19, we recognise that the landscape for ministry has dramatically changed since January 2020 as we have sought to respond to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The safety of our church leaders and all those who attend our churches is our top priority, and all the churches across our church network were temporarily closed, in line with Government regulations, to help protect the NHS and save lives.

We would like to offer our deepest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones during this difficult time, and it has been heart-breaking to lose some of our own church leaders and members to this disease.

We have made every effort to ensure that appropriate pastoral support is available and accessible to those who need it most, while also complying with Government regulations concerning the Coronavirus situation.

Now more than ever, we recognise that Elim’s strength is not so much in our buildings or programmes, but it is in our people. Elim relies on the thousands of volunteers who give their time and energy to serve faithfully and passionately in local churches and communities week in week out.

We believe that faith in Jesus Christ not only changes individuals but enables and motivates those who follow him to become agents of change, committed to the greater task of bringing hope and transformation wherever they are and whatever situation they find themselves in.

During 2018/19 there was much evidence of Elim people engaged in creative, courageous and compassionate outreach in local neighbourhoods, towns and cities.

So often this happens without significant financial or material resources. Our churches are not only places of worship, but are increasingly hubs of care, compassion and community outreach.

We recognise that the church in every season exists not merely to maintain cherished methods and programmes, but also to be relevant and responsive to the wider community and society.

This is why we have been realigning all our resources to bring the potential for greater strength, greater effectiveness and greater harvest in our ministry and mission across the globe.

God is stirring us again to advance into the decade with fresh hope, renewed vision and united purpose.

This report gives a glimpse of some of the ways this happened in our churches during 2018/19 and reflects our commitments for the years ahead.


Chris Cartwright
General Superintendent


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The latest edition of the Elim Annual Review is available to download covering the year Oct 2018 - Sep 2019.

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