Academy helps leaders tune into God's prophetic whisper

Pastoring in the Prophetic is a new academy started through Elim Training. Dave Newton explains more.

In a changing landscape of mission and ministry Elim training is striving to prepare and equip leaders with the necessary tools to stride confidently into all God has planned for them.

We also recognise that all the training in the world is not enough without a true encounter with the Spirit of God and a daily supply of all He has for us. It is with this in mind that we have been excited to launch Pastoring in the Prophetic, a new academy which started in December, aiming to help leaders tune into the prophetic whisper of God in order to see a transformation in themselves, their churches and their communities.

Simon Foster, Elim's Regional Leader for Wales and the South West, says, “In times of uncertainty, change and disruption, true navigation has to come from the whisper of the father to bring revelation to his people… like the men of Issachar (1 Chron 12:32) we must be people who ‘understand the times and know what action to take’”.

The academy has been designed to help Elim leaders to:

  • Gain greater confidence in the leading of the Holy Spirit personally,
  • Have insight into the power and purpose of the gift of prophecy,
  • Understand principles of leadership as taught by our ‘heavenly Strategist’.

Pastoring is a term we are all familiar with, in fact pastoring today has so many different faces to it.

A pastor can be called upon as a teacher, counsellor, provider of spiritual oversight, project manager, leader, administrator the list goes on.

Prophecy, however, whilst being a familiar term, especially in a Pentecostal church, it is not one often associated with that of pastoring.

It may be unusual however to see those two terms used together, what does it mean to Pastor Prophetically? How can we help people to truly discover or uncover their God-given potential?

Simon Foster reflects, "Pastoring and Prophecy have always been viewed separately, like oil and water, never to be mixed’ he continued ‘I believe they have a key role together in unlocking people's future potential in God".

Over 12 months including 2 residential training conferences, webinars, books and additional resources over 25 Elim leaders will be exploring this key issue.

At the first residential conference, much of the time was taken exploring a classical view of pastoral ministry and that significant time and attention can be given to dealing with people's past and present situations. It was suggested that rather than a past/present orientation God’s view is one of present /future.

Those present were invited to consider how our approach to pastoring might change if we reminded and illuminated to people the Kingdom invitation that was on offer.

Those who signed up to the 12-month learning journey really benefitted from the input and teaching but also the opportunity to discuss and interact with one another.

If you are considering that this may be something you would be interested in, here are few sound bites from Simon’s teaching to whet your appetite:

‘God will do through WONDER what you can never do through WORKS.’

‘If we are exceptional in doing the ordinary, God will make our ordinary exceptional.’

‘Are we pastoring people to find sin or are we Pastoring people to find him.’

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