Clarify your evangelistic message and gain confidence to share your faith

Got a heart to reach the lost?

Want to sharpen your evangelistic edge?

The Elim Evangelism Academy will enable you to become more effective in sharing your faith with others




Have you received little or no training in evangelism and sharing your faith? Maybe your are looking for more opportunity and experience? 

The Elim Evangelism Academy will give you a greater understanding and the opportunity to confidently share your faith with others.

Over a series of 10 video training sessions, the academy will take you on a journey of clearly understanding what evangelism is and what stops you from sharing your faith.

You will learn what the good news of the gospel is, the significance of your personal story and how to passionately share it with others.

Overcome your fear of awkward questions and be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you for the reason of the hope that you have in Christ.

Whatever your level of experience, we are confident that you will find the Elim Evangelism Academy a life changing experience. 


Could now be the time to sharpen your passion of sharing the love of Jesus with others and bring transformation to the place that you live?


The next step in successfully sharing your faith with otherS

10 practical video sessions that will empower and equip you

1 What is evangelism?
What stops us sharing our faith?

2 Understanding culture
Understanding the conversion journey

3The power of story
Your testimony and how to tell it

4What is the gospel?
Verbally sharing the gospel

5Visually sharing the gospel
Leading someone to Christ

6 Apologetics foundation
How to do it

7 Apologetics - New Atheists, the Resurrection and key big questions

8Sharing your faith with other faiths

9Prayer and evangelism

10Power evangelism

Enrol in the Elim Evangelism Academy to clarify and enhance your passion for sharing the love of Jesus with others


Who teaches the course?

The Elim Evangelism Academy is taught by Gary Gibbs and Mark Greenwood, who between them have over 65 years of experience in evangelism.

Mark Greenwood

Mark Greenwood

Mark, who has been a full-time evangelist since 1988, is an ordained Elim evangelist and also an associate evangelist with J.John, who has been a mentor to Mark. Known as an evangelist who presents the gospel in a humorous and engaging way, Mark loves equipping Christians to share their faith, giving them resources to help.

Mark is passionate about helping the local church to build an evangelism culture that works and loves changing the perception that those outside the church have about Christianity.

Gary Gibbs

Gary Gibbs

A gifted and inspirational communicator, Gary has been in evangelistic ministry for more than three decades. Much of his time these days is taken up with training, equipping and mentoring other individuals and churches as well as communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who have never walked with him.

Combining humour and storytelling, he has the ability to make the Christian Message clear and understandable.

Could now be the time to sharpen your passion of sharing the love of Jesus with others and bring transformation to the place that you live?

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