Helen Yousaf releases album of prophetic songs

It’s been seven years since Helen’s last studio album. Her brand new album ‘Custodians Of Fire’ is a compilation of some of the prophetic songs Helen has been singing out over the past two years.

Ian Yates and the Elim Sound team partnered with Helen to gel these fragments of prophetic ministry into songs that would encourage the body of Christ and speak a word in season to the atmospheres we find ourselves living in for His glory!

The ten brand new songs on ‘Custodians of Fire’ are full of passionate responses to valley experiences declaring You’re with me!, I pitch my tent in the land of hope!, What do you want to see? and more.

Such lines are a heart cry from a mother who knows the sound of one grappling with dark episodes before the light of day beams down on the situation and shows God as generous, strong and faithful.

This album stands alongside those who are navigating their way through the valley of trouble and declares the doorway of hope is open. It speaks hope to the one waiting. It speaks favour to the one in need. It speaks love over the one that speaks death over themselves. It says ‘take it all Lord’ and as the title suggests, it says ‘You are carrying my glory! So what do you want to see?’

Helen’s powerful voice speaks to those in pain or feeling a lack of purpose. These songs of honesty, hope and heartfelt passion will draw the listener in. We pray this project encourages, uplifts and inspires the listener in their personal journey knowing they are carrying God’s glory into every area of their lives.



  • High Horse
  • Custodians Of Fire
  • I Come Alive
  • Today Is The Day
  • I Pitch My Tent
  • Take It All
  • Fools For Christ
  • Earthquakes In Heaven
  • Generous Father
  • Hope Remains

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About Helen Yousaf

Helen is a mother of two incredible girls, Abbie and Olivia and wife of Shakeel Yousaf of 20 years. They live in Romford and travel as part of Elim’s itinerant ministry of encouragement to the church.

Helen has been a passionate worshipper of Jesus since the age of 15 when she came to faith. Being a new Christian in Ilford Elim Church back in 1989 with two organs and a box of acetates, Helen found that no matter what the setting, she was always ready to sing and sometimes the songs in the box just didn’t say what she needed to say so she began capturing the heart of the sermon or perhaps the testimony that had just been shared and would quietly sing her own song to the Lord.

Her Pastors encouraged her to sing out and began to teach her about Prophetic worship and its place in the service. Helen would often sense a new song and over the course of time began stepping out to deliver these melodies from heaven over the church. It wasn’t long before she recognised the songs came easier and clearer whenever she was honoured to sing to unbelievers.

Evangelism beat it’s drum in Helen’s heart and to her delight, the duet of Prophetic Worship and Evangelism is a Heavenly sound with a clear stamp of approval in 1 Corinthians 14:25.

Questions: What is the prophetic song of your heart?  Leave a comment below.

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