Published on: 06/04/2017

Dear friends,

Greetings from Nepal where we have had a busy first week of the Easter Break as we prepare to leave the Himalayas.  Term 3 at KISC finished last Friday with a wonderful Easter Assembly, a fitting way to end our time with the school.  Indeed, the last few weeks have been a haze of finishing up at KISC and saying our goodbyes at UVN and to various other friends.

Bleakley-3Asher and Hadassah at their last Primary Assembly.  They are leaving along with four other students. The tradition is that the students who are leaving light a candle to symbolise that as they leave, they will take the light of Christ with them wherever they may go...

Saying goodbye to our friends at UVN.  We had the privilege of leading the devotion on Monday...

Bleakley-1Over the past several weeks, we feel that we've put on a lot of weight!  We've had a lot of farewell meals with various friends.  This photo was taken last Sunday as we shared a meal with the Prajapati family...

Whilst we still have a few months with Elim International Missions, tomorrow we fly to England were we will be spending around 6 weeks at various conferences, church meetings and thinking about re-entry.  The first conference that we will be attending will be in Leeds and is the first of its kind for Elim International Missions.  Workers from all over the globe will come together to share of what is happening and to hear from Paul Hudson, our International Director.  From there we will all travel up to the International Convention Centre in Harrogate for the Elim Leadership Summit where Pastors from all over the UK/Ireland and those of us working overseas will come together with International Mission being the point of focus.

In between and around the conferences and church visits, we also look forward to taking an Easter break and catching up with various friends that we have made in Nepal who have now moved back to the UK.  Indeed, we're very grateful for the kindness and hospitality that they are showing in providing places to stay and a car amongst other things.  The next step will then be onwards to Northern Ireland on the 23rd May.  We look forward to seeing many of you then.

Praise Points:

  • For the wonderful friends that we have made whilst in Nepal.  They constantly inspire us and we will miss them all dearly.
  • For the work of KISC and UVN.  We have greatly enjoyed being a small part of something much greater than ourselves and will continue to flourish in the years to come.

Prayer Points:

  • For Asher and Hadassah, in particular, as they cope with all of the change.  In our 5 years here, we've only been back to the UK once and the kids remember very little of life there.  For them, as with us, Nepal has very much become home.  Please pray that we will be able to transition well to a very different way of life.
  • For the nation of Nepal.  The church is growing at a rapid pace yet there are still many who are as yet unreached with the Gospel.  Pray for the local church that they will continue to flourish.

Once again, many thanks for all of the support that you've shown the ministry here in the Himalayas.


Andy, Laura, Asher and Hadassah

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