Need some books, booklets or resources to train your team? We have produced a wide range of resources to support your evangelism

We have produced a wide range of resources and recommend a number of other resources which will support your evangelism.

To help you know when to use them, we have categorised them as Big Yes (BY - becoming a Christian), Little Yes (LY - investigation), Healthy Maybe (HM - perception changing).


Christmas - A chance to discover [LY]

Church attendance goes ballistic at Christmas! It's really important to have a high-quality resource to give to visitors. 'Christmas - A Chance to Discover' has been specifically written with this in mind.

Cost effective, but professionally produced, this twenty-page booklet points out the surprises and the discoveries which are there at this special time of year, but especially the surprising joy that there is in discovering Jesus Christ!

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Now that is a good answer [LY]

This book contains answers to frequently-asked questions about Christianity. It does not aim simply to give intellectual answers but answers that the reader can accept on different levels. The book aims to answer questions in a way that brings us back to the message of the Gospel. Mark Greenwood writes, “I believe that as a Christian, not only can I prove the reality of Christ to myself by the changes he has made in my life but that I can prove logically, biblically and historically to others that the claims He made were real”.

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The Journey booklet [BY]

The Journey is a devotional journal for those who have just become Christians. In this booklet, they will discover the simple principles of making the most of living their Christian lives. There are testimonies included from Christians to help to cheer the new believer on. These are useful also for people who are very near to coming to faith. it’s a great one to put in your new believer's packs as a “next steps” guide.

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Look Closer Issue 01 [BY, LY, HM]

The very first of these stunning magazines seeks to change the perception that people have of the Christian faith. As with all the Look Closer publications, it is full of optical illusions, commissioned photography, puzzles and testimonies, with Mark regularly cropping up to explain the gospel in a clear, nonreligious way. Mark believes that half the battle is changing the perception people have of the Christian faith and Look Closer aims to do just that.

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Look Closer Issue 02 - Christmas [BY, LY, HM]

This full-colour, glossy magazine is packed full of festive fun, helpful articles and interviews, making it the perfect gift for visitors at Christmas. Our festive Christmas edition of Look Closer magazine has interviews with well-known celebrities including Cannon & Ball, Tim Vine, and Graham Cole. There are articles on: How to lose those Christmas pounds, How to stay in credit, Staying secure in the holiday period, and The Problem with Christmas is… There is a Bumper Family Quiz, Puzzles and much more.

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Look Closer Issue 03 - Mark’s Gospel  [BY, LY, HM]

In this special issue of Look Closer, Mark has taken just one of the books in the Bible – the book of Mark – to introduce you to the life of Jesus. It’s a great place to start. Mark partnered with CLC International and Tyndale to produce this stunning presentation of Mark’s Gospel from the New Living Translation. Each chapter presents engaging testimonies and helpful features to help those who are reading the Bible for the first time. In each of the three ‘Mark on Mark’ articles, Mark explains one aspect of the gospel, which relates to what the reader has or is just about to read. This is a great way to get unchurched people to read the Bible.

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Big Welcome Booklet  [BY, LY]

So far, we have printed around 30,000 copies of this highly visual evangelistic booklet. At only eighteen pages long, The Big Welcome aims to 'scratch where you itch' and help the readers discover a God who loves them, knows them and wants to welcome them back into a friendship with himself. With it’s short and clear presentation it’s a great giveaway for non-believers, church guests or those who have just begun to follow Jesus.

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Walk with Jesus

Walking With Jesus  [BY]

Walking with Jesus enables good foundations to be laid for those starting out on the journey of following Jesus. As such it is ideal for those who have just completed Alpha or have recently come to faith.

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Faithbook [equipping]

Faithbook is a simple guide for those who want to share their Christian faith with other faiths. It covers what are the basic beliefs of other faiths, and gives some basic guidance on how to approach talking about your faith with those from different faiths.

Faithbook covers – Jesus claiming to be God, the life of Jesus, and His resurrection – giving powerful support to the truth behind these aspects of Christianity so that you can put forward a powerful case supporting your faith.

Why not get a copy for yourself and learn how to approach speaking about Christianity to people from other faiths with confidence?

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Boot Camp CD [equipping]

The Boot Camp course normally runs over a 4 week (seven-session) period and is used in conjunction with the Boot Camp manual. The course manual is designed to work with the Boot Camp mp3 CD in either of two ways – Mark Greenwood presenting it live over four weeks, or with the CD as a seven-session course with a member of your congregation or homegroup hosting each evening. This CD contains all seven sessions. Please note: This CD is in mp3 format and requires a CD player (or computer) that is able to play mp3 files.

  1. What is evangelism?
  2. Communication and the Gospel
  3. Telling your story Part 1
  4. Telling your story Part 2
  5. Handling objections and the objector Part 1
  6. Handling objections and the objector Part 2
  7. Guidelines on leading a person to Christ, first steps, follow-up and nurture
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Boot Camp Journal [equipping]

These manuals are usually bought for use on the Boot Camp course, but also work well when they are bought with the Boot Camp audio CDs. They bullet point the main points from each Boot Camp evening and provide plenty of space for notes to be recorded. They are normally bought in bulk, but those who wish to buy a single copy to use with the Boot Camp CDs can do so.

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So here it is DVD [HM]

Filmed live at Mark’s Comedy at Christmas stand-up show. Mark’s humorous observations of Christmas are sure to have you giggling your way through the festive season. Santa, trees and presents are not only lovely decorations adorning your home but for Mark, they’re also a source of great fun! Watch out for the turkey made out of a hand towel!

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Reason to believe DVD & CD  [LY]

There is good Reason to Believe but it is also true that for many people they need Reason to Believe. In these recordings (recorded live at Northampton Elim Church) Mark gives the listener what they need to help them in their search for answers. Available as DVD or CD contains all five sessions.

  1. Is it reasonable to believe the Bible?
  2. Is it reasonable to believe in a God you can’t see?
  3. Is it reasonable to believe in a God of love in a world of suffering?
  4. Is it reasonable to believe I can just do what feels right to me?
  5. Is it reasonable to believe that Christianity is right?
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Liberti women’s magazine [HM]

Liberti Magazine is a vibrant, contemporary magazine with a heart for freedom. We have a dream to see women walk in freedom. Freedom from the past…. and freedom from pain or negative expectations placed upon them by others or by culture. But more than that, we have a dream to see women walk in the freedom to be all they were created to be – to dare to dream, to be equipped to walk into that dream and free to fly as they spread their God-given wings and leap into their future. It’s great for any kind of women’s event with specials throughout the year.

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Sorted Men’s magazine [HM]

Launched in November 2007, Sorted has been voted the world’s most wholesome men’s magazine. We have one of the greatest teams of writers ever assembled. These include Bear Grylls, Rob Parsons, Jeff Lucas, Gerald Coates, J.John, Lee and Baz, Lyndon Bowring and Carl Beech with many others in the pipeline.

The magazine looks at success, faith, finance, fitness, passion and purity, motoring, movies, tons of football and other sports, good books, DVD’s, addictions, accountability, mentoring and encouraging each other. Enough? Not quite, because we also have a Gadgets expert and a motoring correspondent as well as a ’60 Second Life Coach’ and a ‘Sex Doc’. We’d love to see men helping men.

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Who Do You Say I Am? [LY]

This a book, a four-minute film to show in an Easter guest service, and an invitation to a short course to explore a question Jesus asked 2,000 years ago: Who Do You Say I Am? The Talking Jesus research (talkingjesus.org) shows that four in ten people in the UK don’t know if Jesus was a real person. The illustrated, large format paperback Who Do You Say I Am? takes readers on a journey of discovery with interviews, testimonies and quotes from the eye-witness accounts in the Gospels. This is backed up with a four-minute film. Interviews with an astrophysicist, a theologian and an art historian are included alongside footage shot in the Middle East in the places Jesus lived.

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Making the connection [BY]

How can we know God? How can we know what he is like? These are just two questions many of us frequently ask. J.John unpacks these questions and helps us see that God reveals himself and wants us to connect and interact with him. Why not discover something more about who God really is and exactly how he feels about us. Find out how we lost our connection with God and how our connection can be restored.

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