Looking for some additional help? There are a number of evangelistic resources that we recommend.

As well as having in-house resources from the REACH team we wanted to give you a whole bunch of resources that we have seen and love. They are excellent and you can take them off the shelf and use immediately. Have a quick read of the short introduction and then follow the link to get more detail. If you need some advice on how best to use these, please contact us.

Kleer Series

Kleer Series enables you to start spiritual conversations with people who have little or no prior experience of Christianity or Church. Each of the 24 short videos uses presenters, visual storytelling & poetry to facilitate discussions about faith.

Find out more at kleerseries.com  

Just 10 Series

just10 is the Ten Commandments re-imagined for today's generation. Far from being a set of rules to restrict us, they are principles that bring freedom and fulfilment. Unpacking and expanding words that have been shared for millennia, just10 provides a culturally relevant, practical application for modern lives. 'What can we actually do today to keep these commandments?’

Find out more at canonjjohn.com/just10  

Coffee Chats

Coffee Chats are a great way to kick-start a conversation about spiritual things. A series of short animated films containing a unique blend of conversation and information for those considering the Christian faith. They are great to use as part of your talk or service or simply as a stand alone media clip to engage people in conversation.

Find out more at coffeechats.org  


Alpha has been totally revamped and is now available in four different formats so you can find a way that works for you. Covering the wide range of subjects it gives a great opportunity for people to take a good look at Christianity.

Find more at alpha.org  

Go Chatter Videos

These great videos cover a broad range of subjects. They can be used as part of your service to bring an extra dynamic to your presentation. They are free to use and all images and footage in them are licensed to the author of the clips.

Go to gochattervideos.com  

Life Explored Course

Life Explored is a seven-session series featuring a combination of short films - shot around the world - and Bible interaction. It’s an exposé of the little gods that promise us so much happiness, yet deliver so little. As it explores the Bible story (creation, fall, redemption, new creation), Life Explored shows how our deepest desires for happiness can only be satisfied in one person, Jesus Christ. The best gift God can give us is himself. Life Explored is as flexible as you are. It’s been designed to be used one-to-one, or with larger groups meeting in a bigger space together. A stunningly produced course.

Find out more at ceministries.org/lifeexplored  

Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored is a way of sharing the best news ever heard, and gives people space and time to think about the big questions of life. Over 7 sessions in Mark's Gospel, find out more about the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith - Jesus Christ.

Find out more at ceministries.org/christianityexplored  

Great Commission

Watch stories of lives changed by Jesus throughout the UK, and hear about how others are sharing their faith. Read articles that will encourage and stimulate you as you think, dream, pray and plan about what evangelism could look like in your place. Find prayer resources to inspire you in prayerful outreach. Be equipped to act through quickly and easily searching the wide range of evangelism tools and resources already out there.

Find out more at greatcommission.co.uk  

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