Looking for help in sharpening your church's focus on evangelism and encourage people to share the love of God with others?

REACH offers a wide range of training events to equip your church in evangelism. These are flexible in approach so we can make sure we tailor them to your needs.

With the help of these courses, we can help you develop a process that encourages people to build a meaningful relationship with others and give them the confidence to invite their friends along to any evangelistic events you organise.


Elim Evangelism Academy

Got a heart to reach the lost? Want to sharpen your evangelistic edge?

The Elim Evangelism Academy will enable you to become more effective in sharing your faith. Delivered by Elim's Gary Gibbs and Mark Greenwood, who between them have over 65 years experience in evangelism. So whatever you level of experience, we are confident that you will find this academy live changing.

Subjects include understanding culture, how people come to faith, engaging with other faiths, apologetics, the gifts of the Spirit in evangelism, communication of the Gospel, telling your story, prayer and evangelism.

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Boot Camp

This Boot Camp is about practically equipping people to share their faith effectively in today’s culture. Communication is key and underpins the course. It's about what we say and how we say it.

The Boot Camp gives an introduction to evangelism, explaining what it is and how people respond to the gospel, as well as discussing different ways of communicating the gospel. We help people develop their life story and faith story so they are able to convey their testimony stories more effectively. We show participants how to handle people who ask questions and how to answer these questions. We equip attendees to help people say yes to God and to keep going once they’ve made a commitment.

Written to be delivered over four evenings (typically consecutive weeks), a truncated version can be delivered on a Saturday. If the Friday evening is also included, we can ensure that more content is covered.

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Under the Influence

‘Under the Influence’ is a training and equipping course in friendship evangelism. This course can be delivered either over 4 midweek evenings or on a Saturday 10am – 3:30pm.

The aim of the course is to instill into a believer the confidence to share the Gospel with friends, neighbours, family and workmates. Utilising varied approaches (speaking, question & answer, powerpoint presentations, video clips, role play), the sessions cover themes such as how to build friendships, communicating the Gospel, answering difficult questions, etc.

By the end of the course, believers should be thoroughly equipped and confident to reach out to those they know.

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How to prayerfully invite your friends

Inviting friends to Christian events is always daunting, which is crazy really as we don’t have the same fear when we invite people over for coffee!

Through worship, teaching, practical resourcing and praying, Mark will encourage and equip your congregation, helping them understand the purpose of events, so that they can invite their friends along to the events that are right for them. Each participant will receive excellent resources that have proven to be very helpful as a means of prayerfully inviting their friends to events.

Designed as a mid-week event, it also works well on a Sunday evening. It can also be tailored to another time that suits you. Many churches run this event as a follow-on from the Boot Camp, as another means of equipping, while others run it as a build-up to events such as Reason to Believe, the Life Series and Making a Meal of It.

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How as believers do we connect with people who are far from God and then connect them to a loving God? Deliverable on a midweek evening, Saturday morning or even on a pre-arranged Sunday morning, 'Connection!' covers ten things a Jesus follower can practically do. A fast-paced, stand-alone seminar inspiring and enabling your church members to be more intentional in evangelism. There is lots in it to think about and, more importantly, to do! This is great as a top up reminder of what it means to be 'good news Christians'.

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Sharing your faith with other faiths

In a multicultural world, it’s important to understand those of a different belief system and faith group. These 2 sessions will bring understanding to your church of who is around us and how we can be better equipped to dialogue with them. It’s not an in-depth look at any one particular faith or cult but rather an overview of the main ones and a helpful look at how we can best share with them.

This is best run two consecutive weeks though we can be flexible.

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