News from Janine Stellatos in Kenya - December 2016.

Dear Friends and Sponsors,

“Slow down … take some rest … take time out …. You’ve got to slow down… you’ve got to stop thinking you’re on the clock and time is running out”. These were just some of the words spoken to me on the recent tour. I know they are well meaning phrases. I know it’s because they care, but you don’t know the reasons why I and our Metro staff run at this pace. You see, for me, I’m making up for lost wasted years. For me, I told my Dad when he lost of the use of his legs that I would run for the both of us now. I don’t think he is in the great crowd of witnesses saying, “Janine slow down! Janine you’re running too fast”. No, he’s probably saying, “Run Janine, Go my daughter, RUN! Faster …” He’s cheering me on. He’s reminding me of God’s Word that the joy of the Lord is my strength, that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Choose TV if you want. Enjoy! Choose holidays if you want. Enjoy! Choose leisure time if you want. Enjoy! Sincerely, God bless you! I don’t judge you, but for me, I choose to keep running. I choose to run while I can and as long as I do it in His strength and not my own then I am confident that I will fight the good fight and run my course. You see, for me, time is running out. For me, I am on the clock. For me, I rest in Him. For me, I take time out in Him. For me, I slow down to listen to His voice and spend time in worship and of course to sleep. That rest taken, it’s time to hit the ground running. Lives depend on it. Eternity depends on it.

Just 2 days ago there was a shoot out here in town where we operate. The police shot three people dead. Two of our staff were in the vicinity. One was so close he had to hide under the vehicle. One of the guys gunned down lay feet away from our staff member who could see the bullet hole in his head and the blood everywhere. This is a matter of life and death, every single day and we take seriously what we do. Maybe some other mother’s son’s may not need to face their son being shot by the police because they chose a different path having been taught a different way. That’s the power of the Gospel and the power of Sunday School. Time to run!


The tour in the UK with Pastor Bill went really well, having driven over 3000 miles and covering Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. It was great to see some of you at the venues. I thank God for the strength He gave. My own tour of the UK and one venue in Switzerland was also very blessed. And so, that is now in the past and we press on, not looking back but focusing on the task in hand and laying our plans for the future in God’s hands.

Stellatos-tugOur first summer camp here in Kenya took place last December and we took 47 children to a day camp. This year we December 2nd we took 63 children and it was wonderful seeing their lives impacted by the love of Christ. They went swimming, many for the first time, rode bikes, jumped on trampolines, bouncy castles and more. One girl came running up to me poolside and said, “I’m SO happy”, then she ran off back into the pool. They received 3 meals that day a rarity for each one of them.

Then after Christmas it is all systems go again as the schools re-open and our teams kick off in 68 schools and we endeavour to reach even more children and their families next year as each day draws us closer to the Lord’s return. Wherever you are serving, let’s go!

Stellatos-EatingOne of our sponsor kids (Ali Waaqo) enjoying his lunch at camp. Many kids don’t know what it is like to experience one regular meal a day let alone 3. Many never experience what it is like to enjoy swimming or ride a bike. Camp gives them that opportunity. They go home feeling special. They return home feeling loved. Camp builds their confidence and gives us the opportunity to get closer to them, show them the love of Jesus and teach them more about the Lord. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this for the children!

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for God’s protection over all the staff and the children here.
  • Please pray for God’s provision to be able to meet the many needs that arise.

Thank you once again thank you for being a part of this ministry. I appreciate each and every one of you so much. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a blessed and glorious New Year. 


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