A selection of recommended reading to inspire your leadership journey

A challenging and revealing introduction to the youngest generation. James Emery White gives a stirring account of how we must engage and communicate with Generation Z with fresh methods and passionate connection.
Everyday Supernatural is an engaging invitation to a new normal where God’s supernatural power is a part of everyday life.
This moving account includes a powerful account of the 1978 Vumba massacre of Elim missionaries and records the aftermath of the tragedy and God’s faithfulness in building His church in Zimbabwe.
An evangelistic gripping account of the great themes of Acts, written to demonstrate how the early disciples embedded themselves in ‘alien and hostile cultures’, developed their methods and their message.
When it's time for a new pastor, will your church be ready?
Brad Lomenick provides a roadmap for implementing and living out 20 transformational habits of a leader.
Tod Bolsinger offers a combination of illuminating insights and practical tools to help you reimagine what effective leadership looks like in our rapidly changing world.
In The Catalyst Leader, Brad Lomenick offers 8 key essentials by which a leader can influence others and make a difference.
The concepts of tolerance and political correctness are having a chilling effect on the public practice of Christianity.

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