Welcome to Elim Training

Elim Training exists to assist you in becoming anointed and practically equipped to serve in whatever environment you have been called to.

Elim Training's passion is to pass on knowledge (knowing) that encourages exploration, understanding, insight and fresh perspectives on important issues of our faith and the practice of ministry today.

However, training must go beyond the gathering of information to the formation (being) of the image of Jesus in us. This paradigm of training leads to vocational opportunities (doing) so that all become equipped for effective lives of service.

In Elim we don't see training as a one off event but rather a lifetime of ongoing development. Sharpening the skills, gifts and wisdom God has given us to serve Him and others most effectively.



Dave Newton - Director of Elim Training

Dave Newton is the Director of Training for Elim and Principal of Regents Theological College. He has extensive experience in equipping leaders and leading mission organisations. Dave served for over 10 years on the Youth for Christ leadership team where he pioneered and established many projects of national significance in justice and education. Dave and his family worship at Lifehouse (Worcester Elim) Church and he served for over 6 years on the national team of Serious4God. Dave is married to Liz and they have 3 children

Dave completed his MA in Mission (Evangelism) in 2010 and took on his current role in 2015. He is committed to ensuring that theological engagement has practical implications and has lectured across a range of theological institutions. His research has looked at the place of gospel articulation in youth mission and ministry alongside exploring alternative theological frameworks for enhancing mission and ministry. Dave is a gifted strategic thinker, speaker and trainer, speaking all over the country and occasionally around the world.

If you want to find out more about what is on offer from Elim Training, please get in touch.

  elimtraining@elim.org.uk      01684 588947

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