Song Discovery - Make A Way

A while back Stephen Gibson brought this song to our attention. It first appeared on the Desperation Band album ‘Banner’.

‘Make A Way' is written by Jason Ingram and Jon Egan. This a powerful song with an awesome declaration: ‘Where there is no way, You make a way, where no one else can reach us, you find us’.

The song can be used in a number of keys from G to D and is well worth checking out.


Essential Worship have created a great resource for this song, that includes a song session, tutorial, story about the song, chords and lyrics. View the Make A Way resources on Essential Worship

Watch Jason Ingram from One Sonic Society as he shares the story about the song.


Want to sing along, here's the official lyric video.

"Song Discovery - Make A Way. Listen to this powerful song with an awesome declaration. "

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Questions: Which song have you recently discovered? What about the song grabs your attention?  Leave a comment below.

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