Introducing Andy Dorman

Andy Dorman is based at our Kingstanding Church. He released his EP ‘Jesus Paid It All’ in 2015 and we thought we’d catch up with him and ask him to share about life, music ministry and the EP.


Tell us about yourself?

I grew up, and still live in Birmingham with my wife Bex, my daughter Jess and son Max. I was a self employed painter and decorator for 20 years but have just had a career change, and now work for Eagle Design creative agency specializing in video production. Still makes me smile swapping a paintbrush for a camera.

I’m one of the worship leaders at Elim Life Church Kingstanding and have been part of the church for about 33 years now. (Eeek, makes me feel old) It is such a privilege to serve as part of the worship team there, and just recently have had the privilege to visit other churches too to lead worship which has been awesome.

Most of my spare time is spent writing music and creating patches and other geeky things like that!:)


How did you get involved in music?

Music has always been a big part of my life. At primary school, playing the trombone in the school orchestra, to then having organ lessons.

Things changed when a school mate brought his drum kit in to school. I was hooked. Some time later I started playing in church and then to spent several years in a Christian rock band, gigging and even tracking drums on the bands album.

Despite the love of drumming, I had a fascination in layering sounds and with the help of a friends keyboard and the on-board sequencer wrote my first song.

It was 2001 when I wrote my first worship song and with the encouragement and backing of my Pastor, Jonathan Skelton, ‘Worthy of all praise’ was introduced into the worship set.

I lead worship for the first time purely by accident. We were on mission in Romania, and Bex, my wife, was due to lead, but somehow I ended up leading instead. Still we cant quite remember what happened but believe this was one of those God moments as this was the start of me becoming a worship leader.

It’s incredible looking back and seeing God’s hand on every part of my music journey. I’m very grateful and humbled and just want to use every experience and everything I am able to do to give back to Him in worship.


Tell us about your project

A song I wrote called ‘Glorified’, won the UKCMC 2012 song-writing competition which resulted in airplay on UCB Christian radio and having the song recorded.

Never did I ever think anything like that would ever happen to me.

People started talking about doing more recording and was approached about doing an EP but I was really struggling with confidence, self worth and fear so the easiest thing to do was to run.

Its amazing how through the ups and downs of life God is always there. Even when I didn’t believe in myself, He believed in me. I had dreams of recording again and February 2015 I found myself in a hotel room in Eastbourne ready to embark on my first EP.

Jesus paid it all’ is a six track EP of worship music. It was amazing to have Trevor Michael producing, Pete Burton from Bluetree tracking guitars and had the amazing privilege of having it mastered at Abbey Road. God is so faithful and my prayer is simply that these songs would help people connect with God. I long to see people healed, restored, renewed, and ultimately for those who have no idea of the reality of Jesus, to find him, to know him.

Andy EP Cover

Which is your favourite song on the album and why?

I guess my favorite song is No Other Name. The lyrics ‘No other Name can make the ashes beautiful again’ and ‘ No other Name can make the broken heart beat again’ have real significance for me. I went through a not so good time in my life where I suffered a nervous breakdown. I remember at the time I couldn’t even pray. My mind had just shut down. I remember feeling that that was pretty much life finished. But by His grace those burnt out ashes have been made new and God has restored the broken heart.

I just really pray that this song will speak to people. No matter how we feel, kicked to the curb, beaten, broken and bruised with life, that God by His amazing mercy can restore and give us a brand new life.

Also, I do love the guitar riffs in this song!!

We’d love you to check out Andy’s music and DOWNLOAD ‘No Other Name’ for FREE HERE.


What music are you currently listening to?

I love all kinds of music. Have to say, the choral music on Classic FM at Christmas I just love. (My wife thinks that’s really sad)

I love Coldplay. Really want Chris Martin’s piano!! I Like the strong guitar and synth melodies. Love the Script too.

Tim Hughes has been a massive influence over the years. Pocketful of faith I think is a great album. Hillsong young and free and Life church Bradford I turn up way too loud all the time, and yet Bethel’s Without Words: Synesthesia is a great album to chill to.

Questions: Which is you favourite track on the 'Jesus Paid It All' album? And what music are you currently listening to?   Leave a comment below.

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