Introducing Amber Miskimmin

Let us introduce Amber Miskimmin. Amber is based is Northern Ireland and has recently started a new role at Bangor Elim Church. We caught up with Amber to find out a bit more about her and her new role.


Tell us about yourself?

I'm Amber (aka Ber) - I'm married to Jonny since May, currently living in Portadown (Northern Ireland) and working for Bangor Elim Church. I love to worship, love listening and creating music and recently have taken up DIY! 

You have just taken on a new role at Bangor Elim, tell us a little about this and what you are looking forward to seeing?

My role as worship Coordinator is to pull together all the musicians and techie's for Sunday services (and any other) but also equipping them and developing them and myself. I'm so very excited to see the vision for the church of FREEDOM in worship fulfilled through the worship team in Bangor.

You’ve been leading musical worship for a number of years, what would be your advice to someone who is starting out leading worship in there local church?

My advice would be to GLEAN from everyone but COPY no one! YOUR character is found in God alone and that should be your priority in development. Second to that is your musical ability - on that I'd advise to train as much as you can and as far as you can (grade 8 and beyond if you can!)

You were apart of the Gathering 100 recently how did that go?

It was incredible seeing so many young people engage in worship with God and be impacted by Him at Gathering100. My husband and I were also made feel so welcome and made some lasting connections with new friends.

What inspires you at the moment?

At the moment I'm learning in more depth about God's miraculous power and how we can access that at every moment. God has never changed - neither has His ability. So when we read in the Bible and in revivalist stories - why are we still amazed at the STORIES. The only thing that has changed is perhaps our expectations of God - or even our perceptions of Him. It is so exciting when we finally realise that the miracles no longer need to be STORIES but REALITIES that we can see and experience every time we meet in church...or indeed in our EVERY day!!

What’s next for Amber Miskimmin?

Next steps are to move to Bangor, and settle into our new church! In all that I'll be aiming to begin capturing the heartbeat of worship in Northern Ireland (more intentionally than before) and trying to facilitate that in whatever way that might look (more songs Lord?!?!?!). Certainly if new songs are the way forward they’ll be recorded and distributed just as "Pour Out" and the others before were - its all about equipping the local church!!


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