Ornament or Instrument

Some years ago I was standing in a furniture shop and there was a display mounted on the wall of musical instruments. The instruments weren't for playing they were just ornamental accents for the wall... a trendy type of home deco. It was such an ordinary moment but there was a definite whisper of the holy as I looked on at the display.

Do we see the instruments we use in worship as accessories to put on display or do we actually need reawakened to the worshipful weapon God has placed in our hands?

When we strap on the guitar, stand at the keys, lift that vocal mic we are taking so much more than a physical position... In faith we are arming ourselves for moments of declaration, discovery, encounter, wonder, warfare, intimacy ... the list is endless ... but ultimately we are pressing into the presence of - ALMIGHTY GOD!

From one worshipper to another, maybe it's time to intentionally take our instruments off the wall in a fresh way ... Ask God to restore unto you a new season of worship on your instrument and take position - ready, willing, hungry for the presence of God ... what a privilege!

O God, my heart is ready to praise you! I will sing and rejoice before you!

Psalm 108
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