An interview with Noel Robinson

Noel Robinson is a great guy! He’s been leading musical worship for over 20 years. Noel is based in London. He’s a good friend of Elim Sound and appears on the latest ‘Elim 100’ album.

Tell us about yourself?

I am a Worshipper who happens to be a worship leader, musician, producer, songwriter and minister - lots of titles, basically I am regular guy who shares his heart and passion for Jesus and the church through music. Itinerary mandate so I get to see the church through the many lenses we have as Christians. Integrity music worship leader.

You recently released a new album tell us about that?

Outrageous Love is an eclectic musical experience sharing the story of Gods Love, grace, Mercy and power to restore, empower and release in destiny. It's my first project having being signed to Integrity music and was a live recording in London with a Global outreach.

You’ve been leading musical worship for a number of years, what would be your advise to someone who is starting out leading worship in there local church?

Worship is an activity of the Holy Spirit we are partakers of his presence by invitation of Jesus! I would encourage them to get acquainted with the Holy Spirit His voice and his manifestation at the same time improve on your musical gifting to be able to interpret what you see. Get into the life of the church, through prayer and intercession, and then love the people you lead with all your heart, you can't lead those you don't love.

What inspires you at the moment?

I am inspired by the church in its entirety although it is not perfect but it's the instrument when revival comes that will bring kingdom transformation in the world! Being part of that mandate in this generation of great strides in church unity I am committed to seeing folks experience personal Revival it's a pretty awesome thing.

What’s next for Noel Robinson?

I walk in faith so trying to balance the call With everyday family activities is always an important place to work on. I love ministering live in music around the nation so I will continue doing that. Writing songs that will encourage the church Globally and locally. The truth is the last few years there have been surprises galore, there is a sense of God doing something so I want to remain in his will for my life.

Check out Noel’s new album ‘Outrageous Love’

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