10 tips for acoustic guitar players

Ian Yates share some useful advice for those who play acoustic guitar.

  1. Invest in a good guitar - the difference from a cheap guitar to a quality one is huge
  2. Have a tuner at all times - A boss TU-3 pedal is perfect - they cost around £55.00
  3. Have a number of plecs available - A Jim Dunlop 7” Mic Stand Pick holder is perfect they cost £5-£10
  4. Invest in a good cable. It will last longer and there is less chance you will have problems live
  5. Have a spare cable just incase you or someone else in the team needs it.
  6. Have a decent Capo - A Jim Dunlop trigger capo is great. Cost around £12-£18
  7. Always have spare strings.
  8. If you lead worship have a spare guitar. You never know when a string might go
  9. Have a good stand. You don’t want you guitar leaning against the wall or a chair
  10. Have a strong case. You know your guitar is always going to be safe. And the last thing you want is your neck to snap. I’ve seen this happen many times.
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