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Power in the blood

This classic hymn sung by many Elim churches over the years was written by Lewis Edgar Jones.

Lewis Edgar Jones graduated from Moody Bible Institute, in Chicago, in the same class as famed evangelist Billy Sunday.

Jones became actively involved in the YMCA, holding various positions in that organisation over the years. His hymn writing (of both words and music) was a sideline, but he produced quite a few songs that were published, writing under a variety of pen names, such as Lewis Edgar, Edgar Lewis, Mary Slater, and more. The song for which he is best known today is There Is Power in the Blood.

Power in the blood consists of 4 verses and the rousing refrain.

We felt this would be a great song to include on the Elim 100 album. We used it at this years Leadership Conference and appeared to be enjoyed by many.

This is a rousing hymn which is known in many pentecostal movements. With the recording we aimed for a fun, modern folk sound. inspired by the sound of Mumford and Sons. We also went for a big group vocal and to add to the fun we even recorded some of the team bashing Redemption Hymnals which was trend within elim churches many years ago.

You may have noticed we added a section at the end. Trevor Michael our producer / engineer said in Ireland they would always sing the refrain ‘And the blood has never lost it power! No never, no never! Jesus blood avails for sin forever and will never lose it’s power! We thought is what a great ending of the song

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