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Assistant Administrator

Business Intelligence Analyst

Limitless Pioneers Media and Fundraising Intern

Assistant Administrator (Safeguarding)

The Elim Administration department serves the whole Elim movement, including the local churches, head office and Regents Theological College. The Administration department is vital to the movement as it deals with a wide range of topics, such as property, safeguarding, data protection and charity law. Furthermore, the Administration department organises the annual Elim Leaders’ Summit.

The Assistant Administrator reports directly to the Administrator and assists the Administrator in all aspects of the Administrator responsibilities, with particular emphasis on safeguarding.

Specific safeguarding duties include:

  • Assist the Administrator on safeguarding queries and look after the DBS checking procedures;
  • Assist churches with meeting National Leadership Team compliance requirements for safeguarding including sending annual compliance questionnaires and follow up;
  • Maintain accurate records using the existing internal database;
  • Prepare safeguarding guidance for Elim’s intranet;
  • Assist with safeguarding queries;
  • Process DBS applications;
  • Prepare regular update reports for Executive Director, Administrator and National Leadership Team.

This role is part-time, 2.5 days per week. You will also occasionally be involved in other general administrative tasks to support the Administrator and the wider team. Specifics are listed in the job description.

  • Location: Elim International Centre, Malvern
  • Salary: £21,000 (Pro Rata)
  • Permanent Contract: Part-Time hours, 2.5 days per week

Key Dates

  • Closing Date: 17 October 2018
  • Shortlisting: 18 October 2018
  • Interview: TBC

Further Information

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Business Intelligence Analyst

Elim has identified the need for a dedicated Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst to meet the growing demand for data-driven insight across the entire organisation. This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced data professional to join the newly appointed data team and shape the direction of the BI strategy. You will report to the Data Protection and Compliance Officer. You will provide a vertical bridge through the organisation to communicate information of high value to support decision making demands at all levels.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Explore and analyse current data to derive insight that will add to knowledge about the organisation;
  • Contribute to the process of turning strategic vision into data-driven measures;
  • Help decide what data should be collected to measure organisational performance;
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of the organisation’s software environment, from a business intelligence perspective;
  • Help develop the reporting processes within the organisation to be more efficient and inspire engagement from report recipients;
  • Support and train staff across the Malvern campus to take on data processing and reporting tasks

Data Processing

  • Create and maintain data models within Power BI, Excel and other systems for the purpose of report creation;
  • Ensure timely and accurate reporting by maintaining scheduled data refreshes within the reporting systems and quickly solving any issues that may arise;
  • Add to data models by connecting to data from SQL Server, Excel files, OneDrive files and other data sources;
  • Transform data within Power BI or source locations to ensure it is fit for purpose, including: normalising, merging, appending and summarising tables; creating calculated measures and columns (using M and DAX in Power BI); and formatting or editing values;
  • Using Power BI’s data relationship environment, manage relationships between tables to enable integration;
  • Uphold an approach to data protection that is consistent with the highest standards in accordance with the GDPR.


  • Using tools like Power BI, Excel and Adobe Illustrator, create regular and one-off reports that effectively deliver timely insight for recipients at all levels;
  • Manage the sharing of dashboards and reports through online and mobile services, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity at all times;
  • Collaborate with the Communications Manager to ensure a consistent approach to communications, with particular regards to report design, presentation and the messages that are being communicated;
  • Uphold high standards of data visualisation, delivering reports that are accurate, meaningful, useable and visually effective;

Additional details

  • Salary: £19,000 - £24,000
  • Location: Elim International Centre, Malvern
  • Permanent Contract: Full-Time hours

Key Dates

  • Closing Date: 31 October 2018
  • Shortlisting: 1 November 2018
  • Interview: 14 November 2018

Further Information

For an informal discussion about the role, please contact Jimmy van Santen, HR Manager at 01684 588937 or jimmy.vansanten@elimhq.net

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Limitless Pioneers Media and Fundraising Intern

This position is dependent on funding from the Rank Foundation and will only be offered if funding is secured. The position is temporarily on a 12 month contract. Funding will be confirmed at the beginning of December. However, the successful applicant must attend the funding interview on 6 November 2018.

Limitless is the national youth department of the 550 Elim Pentecostal Churches in the UK &Ireland. They exist to reach young people, equip youth leaders and inspire dynamic youth ministry through the local church, by offering a range of activities including national and regional youth events, training programmes (up to degree level), resources and church consultancy.

Limitless is looking for a highly motivated, action-oriented person to join our team. This an opportunity for anyone who wants to know that their work results in transformed lives.

This is an opportunity to shape and lead an initiative that will have a significant impact on the present and future of the Elim movement, as you use your gifts to get the story out of changed lives. Also, if funding was to be secured, it would mean that this project could begin to accelerate to a level that is only possible with a release of finance into it.

Please note that any employment offer would be subject to an interview with the Rank Foundation who are the funders of this internship. The successful candidate would need to be available on 6th November 2018 to interview with the Rank Foundation. This internship is part of the 'Time to Shine' programme and more information is available at Time to Shine

Duties and Responsibilities

Key elements of the role include:

  • Creating Limitless Pioneers Social Media content ready to go out across all of Limitless’ social media channels;
  • Filming and editing videos that can be shared on our YouTube channel;
  • Filming and editing videos that can be shown for the purpose of adverting the project;
  • Visiting the various Pioneers projects across the UK to capture stories from church leaders, youth leaders and young people;
  • Assisting in any of the Pioneers projects where appropriate – this will help give a context to the work and some of the groups;
  • Researching different fundraising networks/grant giving organisations that we could look to apply to funding for;
  • Submitting funding bids in order for our charitable objectives to be met and helping the Limitless Pioneers project to be able to go beyond its current restrictions;
  • Involvement in all national Limitless events (Limitless Leaders, Limitless Festival) and any regional events where applicable – sharing the stories of Pioneers;
  • To help assist in the social media of Limitless as a whole where applicable;

Additional details


Key Dates

  • Closing Date: 28 October 2018
  • Shortlisting: 29 October 2018
  • Interview: 2 November 2018

Further Information

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