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Missions Finance Officer

Missions Finance Officer

The Finance Officer will work in the Elim International Centre and reports directly to the Missions Director. You will look after and support the missions’ team in Malvern and the missionaries abroad in financial transactions between donors and teams.

Specific include:

  • Bank reconciliation, including accessing online and print daily bank statements, match entries where each transaction may be found, produce monthly imports for all standing orders and recurring payments and produce individual imports for all other transactions;
  • Manage the missionary budgets and support on new missionary appointment;
  • Monitoring & reviewing budgets (with IMD);
  • Preparing and submitting Missions budgets;
  • Taking credit card payments from donors over the phone;
  • Produce spreadsheets with all figures for missionaries finances and match spreadsheets with the Finance department on a monthly basis;
  • Maintain Journals, by coding, moving funds as instructed and correct any errors;
  • Correspond with donors and missionaries following cancelled/failed direct debits;
  • Process Gift Aid claims and designate Gift Aid claims when money has been received;
  • Correspond with external funding organisations such as CAP and Stewardship.

[Optional] To visit an overseas ministry once a year for approximately 5 days.

  • Location: Elim International Centre, Malvern
  • Salary: £25,000 - £30,000
  • Permanent Contract: Full-Time - 5 days per week

Key Dates

  • Closing Date: 12 April 2019
  • Shortlisting:  16 April 2019
  • Interview: 29 April 2019

Further Information

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