The Strength and Beauty of the Co-Write

Sam Blake

Song writers are discovering a new found strength and beauty in co-written songs. Here are some helpful hints that might come in useful…. 


Build relationships first and then results will follow – not every co-write will yield the results you hoped for. If your primary aim is to develop relationship, you will become rich in relationships every time you co-write. Learning about others, yourself and the way you interact is an essential life skill in this creative environment. Put relationship first, God does, and so you’ll be keeping good company!

Keep momentum going– learn to get excited about someone else’s idea. Anyone can point out what’s wrong; it requires a greater skill and a positive attitude to see gold in an idea and draw it out. Be aware of each other’s vulnerability and respect it with affirmation and encouragement. Remind yourself of Paul’s wisdom in 1 Corinthians 13! Love is proactive and positive so avoid negative language (it’s harder than you think!)

Something is better than nothing – the chances of you getting it right first time are rare. You can always refine something, but you cannot refine nothing! Everyone has to start somewhere, so get over inhibitions and write something. Put it out there as a benchmark (sometimes it is pretty low!) and encourage others to better it! Having a finished song gives you a great sense of achievement, so try and finish what you’ve started together. 

Agree to disagree – it’s not about being right or wrong. Creative diversity should be encouraged and celebrated. Allow ideas, melodies, chords, rhythms and words that are not familiar to you into the forming process. You will either come to love or loathe them, which in the artistic world is a win because it has provoked a reaction! Don’t let a disagreement cause division; there is power in agreement and blessing in unity!

Take the risk - plan a writing session. Putting a date in your diary should be easy but it’s often where we first fall short. Find someone local, book a comfortable space that is free from distractions or interruptions, make it fun and look to write something new. Avoid bringing old songs that you want fixed as this is refining and editing and will kill your creative session! Do bring short ideas, refrains and anything that has caught your ear and imagination. 

Go Build Relationships, Create New Songs & Enjoy it!

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