10 tips for songwriting

Ian Yates

  1. Keep it simple.

  2. Use odd chords sparingly - if at all. The chords should add to the song not distract from the melody.

  3. Make time to be creative.

  4. Write from your heart.

  5. Be you. Don't try to copy anyone else - you’re unique.

  6. Read, learn and study. Keep growing, listen to great teachers, read great books.

  7. Great things take time. Usually songs come from a moment of inspiration and then a good period of perspiration.

  8. Write as many songs as you can. 20% rule – only 20% of songs we write are really great songs. For 20 great songs, you need to write 100 songs!

  9. Write for your church setting.

  10. Don’t be under pressure to write songs. Enjoy it; have fun.

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