Lead worshippers?

Joel Pridmore

There is a notion that has been circulating the UK church for a number of years suggesting that we should not have ‘Worship Leaders’ but, with a little word-play, ‘Lead Worshippers.’

The heart of the sentiment is correct – those of us leading in worship need to be operating out of a genuine worshipping heart. We need to aim to live a life that is an example to those we are leading. We are not to desire being the centre of attention or to glory in what we are doing. But I do believe we are called to ‘lead’ the worship.

Leading does not mean dictating or having everything mapped out and prescribed, it means looking for the best way to enable and encourage any gathering of people to express their praise and worship to The Lord at the given time. Often that means actually laying aside our preferences of always using our favourite songs or making room for that awesome riff that we just learned from the latest Bethel album.

Actually it doesn’t matter what you call yourself… but don’t be frightened of your privileged responsibility to LEAD people to worship under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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