The Value of Co-Leading Worship

Joel Pridmore

In Elim Sound, we place a high value on ‘co-leading’ where the leading is shared. You might think this is just something that happens when we are involved in events or conferences together but we actually we each do this regularly in our local churches and encourage others to do the same. Here are a few reasons we value this.

  1. Diversity and variety – Of course you and your singing voice are the best thing to happen to your church since the pews were removed but the truth is that it can be very refreshing for people to hear a different voice and to experience various different leadership styles, ideas and personalities.

  2. The opportunity to develop leadership ability in others – A good leader looks to develop giftings in others. Gradually giving someone increased responsibility in your team in leading worship is a great way to do this. It's exciting to stand back and watch someone thrive in a role that you have helped them grow in.

  3. Overcoming Ego – Scripture tells us to ‘prefer one another’ which can be a big challenge for creative people and especially for leaders with strong opinions. By preparing song lists together and co-leading worship, we get the opportunity to put this into action and grow our character and heart of service.


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