Have we become too comfortable in our quality?

Simon Padley - Regional Co-ordinator, SW Midlands

Recently I have been feeling quite challenged in worship about the heart and focus of what we produce for our church corporative worship times. I shared with a great bunch of worship leaders from around the South West that I felt we had become too comfortable in our pursuit of quality rather than our pursuit of the one for whom we produce our best.

The moments of worship that seem to be recounted in the Bible are often not mentioned for their quality but rather the heart from which they came. Consider the women who gave so few coins, David dancing with all his might in a loin cloth and the lady who broke open the jar of perfume and washed Jesus feet with her hair and tears.

My point is that heart felt worship can be and should be allowed to be messy, spontaneous and edgy – we must challenge ourselves to be satisfied only with His presence and not our created sounds.

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