Love Them

Suzanne Hanna

It was a whisper to the heart on the short drive to church. The set list was made, emails sent, music ready, and gear packed ... but then with two words - God spoke... - "LOVE THEM!" ... What was that God? ... and again HE said "LOVE THEM!"

We all know Corinthians 13 love... Many could recite it in a flash but on a Sunday morning in the flurry of preparation I knew God had recalled me to - LOVE! In fact I sensed a deeper call ... a renewed call to worship!

It's the kind of love that takes time to ask the team how their week was, offers a hand, gives a hug, passes a smile and helps set up. It's the kind of love that long before we hit folks with keys and chord charts we tune up with the SPIRIT of GOD in practical, sincere "make-a-deliberate effort" love.

Love embraces, disarms, gathers, encourages and draws people out! The New Testament is alive with moments like this when the very loving essence of who Jesus was caused people to follow, kneel, run and gather!

Corinthians 13 love says - "I love you team ... Now let's love Jesus together as we worship and love HIS bride into the presence of the Almighty!

So I'll pass the whisper on - as you launch into this weekend of service think of the teams you serve and the church you fellowship with and "LOVE THEM!".

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