As well as introducing the vision and concept of MPower, Regional Ice-Breaker Events provide a great opportunity for men to share their hopes and desires for future Men’s Ministry within Elim. These gatherings will include inter-active sessions encouraging round-table discussion and feedback on what guys are looking for from MPower.

It’s important for us to engage guys at grassroots level who are on the frontline of Men’s ministry within their local Elim churches so that we build this new initiative together for the sake of future generations.

These will mainly be Saturday morning breakfasts or Friday or Sunday evenings events.

Look forward to meeting up soon and planning the future of Men’s Ministry within Elim Together.

Birmingham - 5 July 7.00pm


Keep In Contact

MPower is being developed over the coming year and more details of resources and events will be made available in 2015. Keep informed of events, by signing up to our email list. You can also contact us with details of your local and regional initiatives.

We also want Men’s Group Leaders or Pioneers to get in touch so that we can keep you informed of developments as they happen