Our Focus

Elim's fundamental and distinctive characteristics consist of priorities and commitments that we consider God-given, non-negotiables of spiritual heritage and destiny that will shape and define our future.

Church Planting

Elim is committed to planting and pioneering new churches, as well as re-purposing and renewing existing churches. We are dedicated to releasing our resources and giftings to mobilise a rising generation to see life-giving church communities established in every city, town and village in the nation.

Elim REACH oversee the planting and developing of churches, as well as the evangelistic aspect of churches.

Develop Leaders

Elim Training is committed to supporting and strengthening the local church. We have a passion for developing authentic and resilient leaders, enabling them them to navigate the changing landscape. Alongside the facilities and resources of Regents Theological College, we encourage lifelong leadership development.

Make Disciples

With Elim Training providing lifelong development for our leaders and Elim REACH working with leaders in developing church strategy, the local church helps to train, equip and release people as disciples of Jesus. Together, our priority is sharing the good news of the gospel.

Reach Nations

Elim International Missions are involved in over 40 countries, sending missionaries to many different situations. Our vision includes not just doing good work around the world, but doing it through the local church. Working alongside our partners, churches and missionaries, Elim Missions is committed to stand with Elim Churches that send and support the empowered missionary, surrendered to the Holy Spirit.

Transform Communities

The Elim Pentecostal Church is one church with many churches who serve their communities in providing schools and youth work, debt counselling, food banks, life development courses. Together we are motivated by the true love of Jesus and sharing His love through local communities, bringing transformation, peace and joy.