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During this season of a worldwide pandemic, the context of church looks slightly different from what we may be used to. Most of our Elim churches have in-person meetings and follow local Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance and many also have online services. Yet our mission remains the stay the same.

Our desire is to help connect you to God, find and connect to a church community, and grow in maturity in Christ while making a difference to those around you. Use our church locator to find your local Elim church using your postcode or town, search by church name if you know it, or use our interactive map.

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Please note:
  • The map arrow provides a guide to the location of a meeting venue rather than an exact position.
  • Find-a-Church information must not be used for sales or promotional correspondence.

Click here for the locations of Church of Pentecost Congregations - an Elim Church Incorporated member.