The story commences with humble beginnings in 1915, when Welsh evangelist George Jeffreys and a committed band of young men and women set out to reach Ireland with the gospel, and were used by God to ignite a Pentecostal movement which would sweep the towns and cities of the British Isles.

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From these miraculous beginnings, as the story unfolds, we see how God used Elim’s early pioneers to inspire successive generations to believe in Him for a move of His Spirit, which would see thousands come to faith in Christ and experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in their own lives.

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Defining Moments from Elim's history

Formed one hundred years ago in a Pentecostal revival, Elim emerged as a radical church planting and pioneering movement which saw whole cities impacted by the gospel.

With more than 600 churches across the UK and a growing global network, the Elim movement looks back on a story filled with moments which have shaped its destiny.

It is a continuing story of changed lives and communities, being written by thousands of people who believe in the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit.

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Enjoy the content of this insightful documentary film, which includes:

  • Origins: The Roots and Springs of Elim
  • Days of Challenge and Sacrifice
  • A Rising Generation
  • Together on Mission
  • Living for the Cause
  • It’s our Time
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